Discount Van Truck VISTA SS DLX Sprinter Sofa Seat

As usual, we make all the features of our products and VISTA SS DLX Sprinter soda seat is not an exception. Whether it is the frame, coverings or foam, we assemble them right here. Look at Discount Van on Issuu to see some of our inventory. We have ensured accuracy during our welding to make the seats strong and correctly fitting. We do not stop at that. The materials we employ in making the seats are top class and heavy duty.

The ingenuity utilized in making these seats  and also the vintage truck seats by Discount Van Truck are world class since they are designed to make the seat spacious enough at the back and provide utmost comfort. This is achieved by eliminating inserts that might minimize the space. The form within is high density to take care of your comfort and also serve for years. The coverings are stain resistant and selected among the best leather available. Be guaranteed of comfort, beauty and long lasting seats.

We also do not force a ready made Sprinter sofa seat on you. You can make a selection of colors and coverings for ultimate custom made seats. There are tens of colors you could choose from and various covering materials like leather and cloth. You make the choice of what you think is right and suites your taste.

The Vista SS DLX Sprinter Sofa Seat does not come with the seat belts and you will be at liberty to choose the set up your want with extra costs. This seat also comes with single power and dual power options. The construction of the form is done with high density form and offers long range performance.

Our prices are the best in the market and our services top of all. Contact us today to order your seat.


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